What is a Fibroid?



An article on the most common benign tumor for females. Its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. Clues for natural treatment of fibroids

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Fibroids are one of the most common bening tumors of the female genital tracts. One female out of every four is amenable to uterine fibroids No one is certain accurately about what causes them, but generally they reduce in size after menopause, so estrogen levels may be a main factor. They are primarily associated with peri-menopause- the time before menopause- which is characterized by twelve continuous months in which a woman had no menstruation.Women have the greatest possibility to have fibroids if they are of childbearing age, are African-American, are overweight and / or have not given birth to children.
Fibroids can remain within the body devoid of symptoms.Sometimes females having uterine fibroids can feel long episodes of pelvic pressure at times with pain.They can also lead to frequent urination, excessive vaginal discharge, and bleeding.To confirm the presence of uterine fibroids, the patients may have to undergo an ultrasound test.
Treatment of the uterine fibroids is not necessary but since symptoms can be abrupt on some women, they choose to have their fibroids treated.Treatments include drugs (pain relievers or medications to reduce the size of the fibroids), surgery (hysterectomy,myomectomy, endometrial ablation etc) and uterine fibroid embolization (UFE).
Aside from the treatment, exercise helps certify regular ovulation as irregular ovulation seems to worsen fibroids.In addition to that there are reports that state eating less pork and red meat shrinks fibroids and some women have reported some success with following a vegetarian diet.
Right here I would like to add that fibroids are not malignant and cannot metastasize, so you shlould not be afraid at all.