How to Improve your Poker Skills



Just like anything else games of skill, such as poker and blackjack require a high degree of knowledge of the game before you can expect to be one of the best. Here are some ways to increase your skills.

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If you were trying to become a professional baseball player, you would probably spend much of your time working out at the gym, at batting practice and at your position as much as you could, well gambling requires the same dedication and practice if you want to be the best.

The first thing you must do to improve your poker skills is to play as many hands of poker a day as you can. This means instead of watching television, or hanging out with friends you should be in an online poker room or online casino playing poker. read more

QD Why You Should Hire A Chimney Sweep

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It is important to keep a chimney clean regardless of the type of fuel burned. This can prevent fires as well as prevent noxious gasses from entering the home. The chimney carries away toxic gasses emitted from the fire in the fireplace and it is an important safety measure to ensure it is clean and free from blockage. A chimney sweep will perform routine maintenance and inspection to ensure proper safety standards are met. read more

QD Why you should fuel your generator with natural gas

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For people with power generators or thinking about purchasing one, consider natural gas as the fuel source because it is very efficient in both energy production and cost. Natural gas has many advantages over other generator fuel types.

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For those people who have invested or thinking about investing in a power generator for back-up power needs, extra electrical needs, or portable electrical needs, a big consideration should be the type of fuel that is used. There are many sources of fuel for providing electrical energy from the generator including gasoline, natural gas, diesel, solar, wind, and a few other fuel sources as well. The type of fuel selected for a generator can have big impacts on everything from the environment, cost, and electrical output. Sources like gasoline and natural gas are non-renewable where as solar and wind come free and are renewable. For continuous, high energy output, gasoline and natural gas are better fuel sources. These are just a few of the considerations. Natural gas, however has some major points over the other fuel sources and is recommended in this article. read more

You Are Not Doomed To Be Fat Forever

This article was originally written by Nancy Hill

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I know, you’re probably thinking you have to diet to lose weight. But nothing could be further from the truth. With rare exceptions, most people were born into normal weight bodies. But then we learned to diet.
Dieting causes the body to go into survival mode. Dieting itself sparks the intense biological urge to consume large quantities of high calorie foods. It causes the body’s instinctual drives to override all intellectual controls. It primes the body to maximize food intake and minimize energy burned.
Diets have set us up to fight against our own physical survival, the body’s most basic instinct.
As a comparison, think of how difficult life would be if you had to go to the bathroom on a rigid schedule. What if you only allowed yourself to urinate 3 times a day?
At 8 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m. you could release exactly 5 ounces. You’d measure it – of course – to be sure it was the right amount. If you needed to go more, you would force yourself to wait until the next scheduled time. And too bad if you needed to go at 10 am, hold it until noon.
You would be miserable. Your body would have a very difficult time complying with an arbitrary schedule. It would probably get ugly.
Overeating because your body refuses to starve doesn’t make you a failure. It means you’re human.
* It doesn’t make you diseased.
* It doesn’t mean you are flawed forever.
* It doesn’t doom you to being permanently sick and trying to recover for the rest of your life.
* It means you did the best you could at the time.
* It means you can forgive yourself and move on.
Eating is the most natural thing we do and your body knows exactly what it needs to live at it’s very best. All you have to do is practice listening and ACT on the information. Your body knows what to do. Just as it knows how to breathe, reproduce, and heal.
Think of how children live, we can learn a lot from them…
* They rest when they are tired.
* They run, jump, swim, dance, and play as much as they can because it feels good and it’s fun.
* They are picky about what they eat. They’ll go hungry rather than settle for something they don’t love.
* They eat when they’re hungry.
* Once they feel full, they have to be tricked or bribed into eating even one more bite of food.
* They drink when they’re thirsty.
* They love their bodies and they don’t care how their thighs look or if their tummy isn’t flat and tight.
* They don’t have to think about all this. It just comes naturally and easily as a part of being human.
All of these natural instincts live in each of us, too.
We all have the inborn ability to take care of ourselves. We just have to remember. We just have to get back in the habit of listening to our bodies…of following their wisdom. Remember, a normal body weight is your birthright. It was stolen from you. Now you get to take it back.
So stop thinking of yourself as forever fat. You are not doomed to either being overweight or to being on a perpetual diet. Let overeating and overweight fade into the past. They served you well to keep you alive. Once you stop dieting and accept the body you were born with, you can return to your unique, normal weight.
I’m not suggesting everyone is going to be model-skinny. The endless, tyrannical pressure to be very thin is a big part of the problem. Some bodies are meant to be soft and curvy. Others are naturally sharp and angular. We are variously stocky, tall, fleshy, muscular, sinewy, short, etc. There is wonderful beauty in diversity.
Accepting and loving the unique beauty of your body will heal you and set you free. Be like a child and delight in the body you have. Cherish the power in your muscles. Enjoy the feeling of being alive here on this planet. Let go of having to look a certain way. Be yourself. Let someone else try to be like the models or celebrities. The world will be a better place if it gets to have the real, unique, special person that YOU are.
Believe in your own healing. Believe that you can live easily and naturally at your own ideal weight. That faith is a huge part of what will set you free. Eating normally is completely natural. Deep down you know how to do it.
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How to Improve your Odds in the Casinos



Many people find enjoyment and relaxation by gambling in online casinos and land based casinos, but for some it is all about the money. So I am going to give you the secret of how to improve your chances of going home richer.

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One of the most important things to remember when playing in a land based casino is that the layout of the casino is designed to pull you into the games with the worst player odds. To help pull you further into the casino the casinos will usually use the bells and whistles of slot machines, and video poker games.

This may make you think that the slot machines on the way to the blackjack, poker, roulette and craps tables are the ones to play, but this is usually not the case. read more

QD Why You Should Consider Staining Your Concrete Floor

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If youre not familiar with it, concrete stain isnt a paint or finish coat. It involves a chemical reaction on cement materials.

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Acid staining can make a common concrete floor into look like expensive natural stone flooring. Not only is it a fraction of the price, but for people allergic to carpeting materials its a godsend. Another great application is in houses with radiant floor heating. Radiant heating is at its most efficient when insulating floor coverings like tile or carpet are minimized. read more

You Are Killing Me



You Are Killing Me is about stopping smoking and what happens to everyone involved.

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In a lot of old movies you can see men smoking pipes or cigarettes or cigars and wearing smoking jackets or a woman in a sexy pose, a cigarette between her fingers, blowing smoke up in the air. Those were cool looks back then. Since finding out how bad smoking is for you and the people around you, it isn’t cool anymore.

Have you ever watched someone die from lung cancer? I have. It is a horrible way to die. The person who is dying is in pain most of the time and throwing up from the drugs that are suppose to help, but never do. The caretaker wants to help, but there is nothing that can be done to make the person feel better. read more

How To Improve Your Mood And Health With Deep Breathing Exercises

This article was originally written by Tim Webb

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It is relatively well known now that exercise releases endorphins that can help to pull you out of a bad mood and to aid in alleviating depression. However, mental fatigue and depression are hard moods to simply overcome. You may not wish to train for forty-five minutes to an hour. It might be too hard to even get down to the gym for this to occur!
Here is a good idea, instead of looking at your workout session in terms of an hour each time, shorten it.
Plan just fifteen minutes!
Change the manner in which you train. All you need is your body, (preferably fresh) air, and your ability to breathe. You can do simple health and mood-enhancing routines at home in a very short time.
A good tip is to avoid doing exercises that require minutes in between to recover. Make sure you are constantly doing physical activity for those fifteen minutes. This will keep your mind occupied and remove the chance of thinking about what it is that is bothering you. Those nagging problems won’t have an opportunity to take hold of you training in this manner.
By the time you have reached fifteen minutes of continual movement through deep breathing exercises those endorphins will have kicked in and you’ll be feeling great! No need for an hour of gym based training.
Now, after you have done this for just fifteen minutes, perhaps you will want to go to the gym. Perhaps you will want to do more. Or perhaps not.
The point is this. If you allot fifteen minutes each and every day to simple body movement and breathing exercises you will feel a lot better than if you just go to the gym twice a week for forty five minutes and while there you train in a disjointed fashion!
Essentially be your own gym. If you learn certain health and mood improving deep breathing exercises you at least have a choice. Either just do them for ten or fifteen minutes each day or do them and do a standard gym session. In essence, you utilise your breath to wake you up and get the endorphins to kick in so to speak, and this provides the impetus to do more.
Beginning is half done. When you awaken yourself using deep breathing exercises you are much more likely to want to take the day by storm!
Try the following examples for easy to do, and access, exercises using nothing more than your ability to breath and using simple body movements.
1. Standing up straight, hands by your side, expel all the air from your lungs. Raise the hands, bringing palms together above the head, making a full inhalation at the same time. From this position slowly allow your arms to drop back down to your sides while expelling all the air from your lungs. Try this ten times.
2. Standing normally swing your arms forward while rising up on your toes. While doing this inhale deeply. Then as your arms swing back and behind your body bring your heels down and exhale. Make this a dynamic movement. Perform for twenty to thirty repetitions.
3. Standing normally inhale deeply while gently bridging backwards (not too far!) and then bend forwards exhaling all the air from your lungs. Come back to normal standing position and repeat ten times.
Try these three for now focusing upon breath first and body movement second. Use them as a short circuit in the morning or any time you need a mood enhancer or quick increase in energy levels!
Have at it!
© Tim Webb 2005 read more

How To Improve Your Memory In 5 Easy Steps

This article was originally written by Memory Improvement Guide

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Discover the 5 easy to follow steps how to quickly improve your memory and learn more in less time. Stop forgetting things that you need to remember. Become a fast learner, remember details and be more effective. Simply follow these 5 easy steps and watch your memory improve.
Today everyone is overwhelmed with information and having a good memory is very important. There are thousands of little things that you need to remember each day. You need to remember names, numbers, prices, study material, daily tasks, foreign languages, passwords and so much more. The list could continue forever here.
But can you really improve your memory, is it hard and how much time does it take?
You can improve your memory and it’s easier than you think. With the right knowledge you can have a better memory in a matter of days. Read the 5 steps carefully, try to follow the advice and watch your memory improve.
Step #1: Use your imagination
Use your imagination when you face something that you want to memorize. When reading a book, imagine the things you are reading about. Imagine objects, people, situations, sounds, motion and more.
Imagination keeps you interested in a topic, makes it more fun, and gets you involved. This way your mind concentrates on what you are reading or listening and you’re much more likely to remember it later
Step #2: Motivate yourself to learn
It’s much easier to memorize something that you’re learning with interest and motivation. It’s also important to have a purpose why you want to learn something.
Understand why are you learning something and what benefits does the new information give you. Be involved in what you are learning as much as possible because then you have a purpose and more motivation to learn it.
Step #3: Have some spacing between learning sessions
You don’t have to learn all information at once when you can learn everything much better by taking breaks between learning sessions. You should take breaks as rewards because this gives your mind a chance to review what you have just learned.
When you face lots of information that you have to learn, plan your learning and divide it into parts and learn each part separately. It is better to study in two or three small sessions than to study in a long six hour session.
Step #4: Learn with a clear mind
Try to be relaxed when learning. It is harder to learn something when you are stressed, tired, anxious or angry. You learn more, better and faster when your mind is not occupied by thoughts that distract you.
Also eliminate distractions like clutter, and other things that can distract you. Learn in stimulating, light and positive environment. Distractions can keep you unfocused and waste your time. Before you learn, make sure that the learning environment is free from distractions.
Step #5: Always educate yourself about memory
Your memory is one of the most important assets that you have and learning how to improve your memory is very important. By having a better memory you can make more money, be more effective, save time, always remember important details, look smarter, have more friends and so much more.
Considering all the advantages that good memory gives you and how easily you can improve your memory, it wouldn’t be wise to not do anything about it.
An excellent website where you can learn how to improve your memory is
From this website you’ll learn very effective ways how to improve your memory and how to develop a memory that you can rely on in a short time. What you will learn here can improve your memory to what you want it to be.
The email course that this website offers is absolutely fantastic. From this course you will learn real memory ‘secrets’ like how to easily, quickly and perfectly memorize long digit numbers, long speeches, names of people, foreign languages, long lists of items and more things that was previously hard to memorize.
You’ll learn the ‘secrets’ that memory experts use to perform impressive memory stunts on stage and how you can easily apply their memory ‘secrets’ in everyday life to improve your memory to what it really can be.
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QD Why You Should Avoid Fiberglass Drywall Tape Like The Plague!

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Fiberglass drywall tape is popular for drywall work and plaster repair. But there are big problems with it. A professional’s opinion.

fiberglass tape, drywall tape, drywall seams

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The truth is, it has its place, but – please! not on your drywall

Yes, my view of this is controversial. And I have my (good) reasons.

Actually, people who use fiberglass tape instead of paper tape for drywall taping are helping me make a living. read more