What Happened to Ephedra?

This article was originally written by Ted E Collins

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Many Ephedra consumers still believe the ban is still in effect. It probably comes as a great surprise that the ban on Ephedra, one of nature’s most powerful weight loss supplements, was lifted in April of 2005. A Utah Judge overturned the FDA’s decision to ban the substance. So why is it that the most sought after diet pill seems to have vanished from the face of the earth? We took the liberty of interviewing 4 of the top nutritional suppliers. They admit they receive daily inquiries and the demand is higher than ever. However, they are unaware of the new ruling. The reason many would be suppliers take such a reactive approach to changes in the law is that they follow primarily the FDA bans and blessings. So do all of the advertising mediums that design their company policies and guidelines around FDA standards.
The power of Ephedra cannot be denied. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people with weight problems slim down. Where other pills and potions have failed, Ephedra still remains as the top challenger for the most powerful weight loss supplement out there. So, has Ephedra vanished? Not really. Until the FDA releases a statement that they will agree to the new ruling, most all of the manufacturing labs won’t touch it even though the demand is greater than ever. In our weeks of research, we were able to find one bold supplier, Marqi Fitness. They are sitting on the entire world supply of Ephedra which contains a standardized form of 10mg of pure Ephedrine. They are sitting on an absolute gold mine and they know it. For more information about how to purchase Ephedra, you can visit their product site at https://petinstead.com/EphedraLabs.
Ephedra is a powerful fat burner. In fact, before the ban, billions of bottles were being sold each year. Labs could not produce it fast enough. The demand is still there, however, the problem is that consumers have no idea where to get it until now. Thanks to Ephedra Labs, the “Weight” is over.