What are Walk In Baths?



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Do you struggle with the height of the bath sides and have problems with getting in and out of your bath? You may need to look at walk in baths.
Walk in baths may help you regain your independence in your home. They enable you to walk into the bath and sit down instead of climbing over the sides which may cause you discomfort or pain. Some baths will have an inbuilt seat for you to rest on giving you extra comfort. There are a varity of shapes and sizes when you come to look at the baths which should suit your bathroom and your needs.
With traditional baths you can fill up and drain without being sat in the bath but the walk in baths you have to be sat inside when you wish to run your bath or empty when you have finished. It will be important for you to look at fill capability and drain down time as you may find yourself sat cold waiting for either the bath to fill or empty.
Then there is the door which again you have some options. Would you prefer the door to open inside the bath giving you extra room in your bathroom and the water will drain and dry inside the bath instead of the door opening out into the bathroom and dripping on the carpet. Also with the door opening out into the bathroom you will need to make sure you have the extra space to ensure you exit and enter the bath safely.
Like traditional baths you can also get a shower fitting which can be used with a screen or curtain.
With any large purchase that will be assisting you with your everday life you need to research the market to ensure you choose the right bath for you and your home.