This article was originally written by Armen Hareyan

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I learned about gaining weight when I heard the question of a skinny girl asking, “how does someone gain weight.” First I came to surprise because gaining weight is not something that people want to have around you. On the other hand we hear that everyone is asking each other for tips on how to lose weight.
Weight Gaining
This article does not intend to provide the reader with good and healthy ways of gaining weight. The intention is informative and is raise an awareness about the fact of how many people are interested to gain weight.
I promised her that I will do research on how to gain weight and on gaining weight without hurting your health.
I was surprised to see that in this age when the majority around us are searching for various weight loss programs, there are so many who are looking for ways to gain weight.
The data provided by Overture shows that in May of 2004 the number of searches that were conducted for “gain weight” was 20514. 16810 searches were done by using the term “weight gain.” Slightly differently, “gaining weigh,” were searched 5621 times. This does not include the pregnancy category because that number is 4858.
The conclusion is that to our surprise there are many in various countries and cultures among us that are interested in weight gaining. eMaxHealth will attempt to bring more articles on this topic that would serve the weight gaining information needs of our readers.
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