HPV – A Virus That Puts Women At Increased Risk For Cervical Cancer

This article was originally written by News Canada

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A Simple Lab Test Could Save Your Life
(NC)-Did you know that one of the most common sexually transmitted infections, called Human Papillomavirus (HPV), is also the leading cause of cervical cancer in women? And that HPV is the most common cause of abnormal Pap smears?
Virtually all cases of cervical cancer are preventable if detected in the pre-cancerous stage. “Although the Pap smear has reduced deaths caused by cervical cancer, it does not detect the Human Papillomavirus, the primary cause of essentially all cervical cancer.” Says
Dr Alicia Sarabia, Medical Microbiologist for MDS Laboratory Services. “The MDS HPV test can be easily done through your doctor’s office.”
How are HPV infections detected?
The new HPV test can detect the DNA of cancer-associated HPV virus in cervical cells and tissues even before there are visible cell changes.
If your doctor informs you that your Pap smear result is questionable, the next step is to order the HPV test to determine if the HPV infection is the cause.
How is the HPV specimen collected?
Your doctor inserts a swab into the cervix to collect cells for testing, just like a Pap smear. A technologist at the laboratory analyzes the specimen and reports the results back to your doctor who uses the HPV and Pap results to determine your treatment. Early detection makes early treatment, and early treatment has been proven successful against cervical cancer.
How can I have the HPV test done?
Your doctor must order the HPV test. The test is available across Canada through MDS Laboratory Services
For more information about the new HPV test, talk to your doctor or visit https://petinstead.com/mdscollaborate.