How You Can Look Good And Feel Better During Cancer Treatment

This article was originally written by News Canada

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Use warm (not hot) water and a mild facial soap or creamy cleanser that tissues off. A non-stimulating alcohol-free freshener will remove all traces of cleanser.
Apply moisturizer to protect against dryness and relieve irritation, and create a smooth surface for your makeup. A moisturizer containing sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or higher, is a good way to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. You might also consider a special eye cream, designed to moisturize the sensitive under-eye area, while reducing and helping to prevent puffiness.
Use a cream or stick concealer under foundation to minimize dark circles under eyes, blemishes or discolouration.
Choose a shade of foundation that closely matches your normal skin tone, to even out your complexion and give it a soft, natural-looking glow. You may need a moisturizing foundation formulated for dry skin.
A light application of translucent powder will help to set your foundation.
No cosmetic does more to produce a vibrant, healthy look than blush. Apply along your cheekbone. Temporary weight gain or loss, due to chemotherapy, may be particularly visible in the face. Contouring with brownish powder can help minimize the look of puffiness due to weight gain, while using a light-coloured concealer cream can help enlarge areas on a too-thin face.
While some women only need to fill in thinning eyebrows, others find that they need to recreate an entire brow. To recreate your natural eyebrow line, a) match the colour to your hair b) begin the eyebrow by holding the pencil straight up against your nose and draw a dot c) place the pencil parallel to the outside edge of the iris of your eye . Place a dot where the highest point of the brow line show be and finally, d) to define the outer edge, place the pencil diagonally from the bottom corner of your nose past the outside corner of your eye and draw a dot. Once you have a basic shape, connect the three dots using short, feathery strokes, making the inner brow fuller.
Use eye shadow to help brighten your eyes. Apply highlighter, the lightest shade, just below the arch of the brow. Lid colour, the primary colour accent, should be swept across the entire lid. Add a deeper or contouring shade in the crease to emphasize the natural eye shape. Blend well to soften the effect. On days when your energy is low, apply a wash of light to medium shadow to the entire lid area to brighten your eyes.
You can define the lash line and recreate the look of lashes with eyeliner. Brush on liquid eyeliner or use an eyeliner pencil to apply a thin line along upper and lower lids. To recreate the illusion of fuller lashes, use an eyeliner pencil to make tiny dots around the eye, close to the lash line.
Mascara will help make sparse eyelashes seem fuller. Apply mascara first to the top side of lashes, then to the underside. Brush the tip of the mascara wand lightly back and forth across the lower lashes. Remember to remove all mascara and eye makeup every night with a gentle, non-oily eye makeup remover.
Define your lips by outlining them with a soft lip liner that complements your lipstick, to keep lip colour from “feathering”.
Lip colour balances your face. Choose a creamy, moisturizing lipstick from the same colour family as your blush.
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