Dieting While Partying: Check Out Various Diet Tips And Weight Loss Tips Jasdeep

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It’s really difficult for a person to socialise if he is on a Diet. Totally ignoring parties and invitation is definitely not a solution.You have to strike a balance between your diet and social parties which, trust me, isnt easy at all . But we can always take necesaary precautions so as to avoid overeating.
Here is some valuable tips to keep everyone happy.
Try eating light snacks aroung 6 PM before leaving for the party. The problem with late night parties is that dinner isnt served before 11 and by that time rats are running in everyones stomach, so people end up eating a lot which they shouldnt.
At dinner, try eating vegetables only along with some fat free yoghurt . If you cant resist non-veg, go in for grilled chicken.
Caution: Do not drink soups at parties as they have cornflour which is by any means not good for people who are on diet.
Avoid unhealthy food like white bread, deep fried foods and oily vegetables.
Choose salads with combination of chicken and and greens with marinated vegetables. Chinese greens are great choice anyday.
Eat your food slowly and cherish it to the fullest.
Few more veryday Diet Tips for everyone:
If you prefer non-vegetarian food, eat more fish and lesser red meat. Infact one should avoid Red Meat . It not only increase Cholestrol but also makes you more susceptible to heart attack and other heart related diseases.
Your Diet should have less sodium and more fibre . Fibre improves your digestion and keeps your stomach in good shape.
People with cholestrol problem should not eat york at all.Keep them for kids.
Get into the habbit of eating fruits as desserts instead of high calorie ice creams and puddings.
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