Barbell Military Press exercise

John Gibb
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The barbell military press is a great exercise for working the deltoids. This exercise can be extremely difficult for the new lifter. Back injury can easily occur if the proper form is not used during execution. Because of this, it is recommended that a spotter be present when doing this exercise.
During this exercise, you’ll be lifting over your head. Keep this in your mind as you select the amount of weight you’ll be working with. This exercise can be performed either sitting or standing. If you are lifting alone, you may want perform the exercise sitting so that you can lift the weight off of a bench rack.
To begin the exercise you’ll need to have someone hand you the weight, lift it off the ground, or de-rack it from a rack. Your hands should be positioned a little further then shoulder length apart. Your hands should be about the same distance, as if you were going to do a normal bench-press.
The barbell should be positioned across the front of your chest with the bar about even with your shoulders. From here, keeping your back straight, lengthen the arms up over your head. Continue this extension until your arms can not extend anymore without locking. From the top position, lower the bar back down to the starting position in a controlled manner.