Want to Lose Weight? Plan for Pleasure

This article was originally written by Janice Elizabeth Small

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Inclined to head for the fridge when you’re feeling low? You’re not alone. There’s no doubt about it, food makes us feel good, at least for a while.
But it’s a false friend when you want to lose weight because you end up eating when you’re not hungry and those unneeded calories end up right where you don’t want them – on your hips. The momentary pleasure of eating and forgetting your troubles soon passes and you’re left with regret and even more weight to lose.
Do your best to get out of the habit of cheering yourself up with food. Ice cream or chocolate won’t really help. Ideally you would face up to what is wrong and make a plan to do something about it, rather than trying to squash your feelings. But sometimes you just won’t want to go there and need to find other ways to cheer yourself up.
Rather than waiting until you’re feeling low to think of something to help, put together a Personal Pleasure List now. Think of all the things you love to do (other than eat!) and write them down ready to remind yourself when you need a lift. Make sure you include as many as possible for all different situations because not everything on your list will appeal or be available to you at every moment. Here are a few things on my list to start you off.
* 10 quiet minutes on the sofa with a good novel
* Listening to uplifting music (create a collection of tracks just for this purpose)
* Watching a comedy video
* Cuddling my family
* Window shopping
* Giving myself a manicure and pedicure
* Having a nap in the middle of the day
* Planning my ideal day for the future
* Calling a friend
* Having a bubble bath
* Reading an inspirational or self-help book
* Going for a walk in a local beauty spot
* Stroking a pet
* Doing a puzzle
* Looking at old holiday photographs
* Clearing out a drawer
* Planting some flowers or sowing some seeds in my garden
* Having a facial or massage
* Buying a glossy magazine
* Planning a trip
* Thinking about all the good things in my life
* Dancing (at home)
* Going to the movies (nothing too heavy)
* Remembering the good times
As well as using your Personal Pleasure List when you’re feeling down why not plan some of these actvities more often into your everyday life to keep your spirits high? Positively look for ways to make yourself feel great, think about all the great things you have going for you and make comfort eating a thing of the past.