This article was originally written by Martha Fitzharris

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Keloids are abnormal overgrowths of fibrous tissue that happen when the skin has been hurted.
Keloids are asymptomatic, but in some cases may cause disfigurement and cosmetic concern. Occasionally, they appear when the scar or the wound that is healing was not observed and taken care of properly. They are basically not painful and they are not easily transmitted from one person to the other. They appear to be more prevalent among the colored races.
Normally, keloids tend to appear when the skin loses its collagen and elastin material, which are responsible for its elasticity. Therefore, when choosing a medication for treating keloids, it is recommended to choose ingredients that have only natural substances. These natural topics are able to treat Keloids without side effects like further skin irritations, which are usually brought about by chemicals.
The Treatments
Usually, keloids are treated through irradiation or intralesional injection of corticosteroids. But for those who are afraid of such chemicals, it would be better to opt for natural ingredients that are more effective than these artificial procedures
Here are some of the recognized keloid treatments.
1. Keloid surgery
One of the most common ways in keloid treatment is surgery. Though, most skin experts contend that keloids still have chances of returning. That is why, it is important to accompany the surgery with other products, which can easily be applied to the affected area. These alternative products or treatments are able to curb the re-occurrence of keloids.
Surgical treatments for keloids are usually done through laser removal. This treatment uses intralesional injection and corticosteroids for prevention of coming back.
2, Use compression bandages.
Because keloids appear as excessive growth of the tissues, it would be better to compress the keloid area so as to prevent the over manipulation of the skin.
3. Use steroid injections.
Other common treatment is the injection of solutions that are responsible in removing keloids. This may eradicate the keloid area without having to resort to surgery or operative procedures.
4. New treatments
Today, the in-thing in medical industry needed, so as to treat keloids and other skin blemishes, are the solutions that contain biological substances. These natural ingredients are proven to be very effective with the keloid formations due to the natural procedures they trigger, like skin remodeling.
These substances are also mild enough as complements to other skin treatments because they do not have side effects like skin irritation or allergy.
Indeed, there are many ways on how to treat keloids. You only have to inform yourself in which one of all the treatments available in the market has the best results for treating your keloid problem.