Tips For Confronting Danger And Staying Safe

This article was originally written by Robert Young

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Trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, something is probably wrong.
Be aware of your surroundings.
Walk close to the curb, facing oncoming traffic.
Carry bags close to your body.
Look confident.
Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back.
If you are being followed, head for a crowded place.
If people start milling around you, it could set-up for a mugging.
Know yourself, how do you react in a crisis situation? Do you scream? Cry? Freeze? How would you defend yourself?
Remember there is no right or wrong approach to dangerous situations.
Show your anger, not your fear. A furious reaction often may stop an attack. Remember an attacker is looking for an easy victim. Yelling is always a good deterent (a good choice is to yell FIRE). This will draw attention to those who do not want to get involved but may be concerned for their own safety and may come to help.
If there are other people around, yell loudly enough to get their attention to what the assailant is doing.
If you are alone and do not know anyone on the street or nearby, try calling a name out to make the attacker or assailant believe that you may be with someone. This may also help if you are alone at home.
If someone has a weapon, stay calm and wait for an opportunity. Weapons make the situation more dangerous and difficult, but there still may be something you can do about the situation.
Non-resistance to prevent physical violence: Negotiate, stall for time, distracting or diverting the assailant, then fleeing. Verbal assertiveness, screaming and using a whistle or shriek alarm to attract attention and help.
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