If Your Skin Could Talk, What Would It Say?

This article was originally written by Alayna A Fries

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If your skin could talk, what would you HEAR? You can listen to your skin talk by responding to its symptoms. We all have symptoms. Let me make it simple to understand what I mean by this.
A meteorologist uses a barometer to determine weather conditions. It is used for measuring barometric pressure in weather forecasting. They know when a storm or “bad” weather is approaching the barometer is falling and things do not look so good. When the barometer is rising, they know that “blue skies” and “clear” weather are usually expected and things look much better. I am using the word barometer merely to make a point, so that you can understand what I mean by symptoms. When your barometer is rising you are probably using products with the proper ingredients and eating foods that can nourish your skin and body. When your barometer is falling it looks bad and you are experiencing one or more symptoms, it is telling you that you are probably doing “bad” things to yourself.
Your skin uses symptoms to talk to you. The barometer is a visual to explain what you are looking at. As the barometer tells the meteorologist what conditions are outside so do your symptoms speak to you of your condition inside of your body and on your skin. Our skin has a kind of talking barometer known as symptoms that appear and will tell you the conditions inside of your body. As these conditions get worse, symptoms will unfortunately show on the surface of the skin.
When we are talking about your skin, what affects your skin’s barometer? Your barometer is affected by what you are feeding your body, feeding your skin and your environment. In the same sense as the symptom begins to appear on the skin, we also know that something is wrong and that an action needs to be taken. The body’s barometer helps you listen to your skin talk so that the proper action needs to be taken to help your symptoms disappear. It is quite simple.
For instance, if you have tight and flaky skin, which would be a symptom that may be telling you that the skin is not producing enough oils to achieve the natural balance of your skin. NATURAL, being the key word. And why might this be happening? Maybe from the products you are applying to your skin, or the way you are treating your body. Further research has shown that certain products as well as many facial treatments could be part of the problem, depending on your symptoms. I am not aware of any one product that is going to do all the work for you. My experience has shown that it may take a combination of skin care products and foods and life changes to treat your symptoms. In other words, some products work like a “band aid” and simply cover up the symptom. What happens when you stop using the product and the symptom returns? Is it possible you could be making the symptoms worse or maybe cause another symptom to arise? Relying on any one product may be a quick fix, and may work for some symptoms, but has it really done anything to treat the condition?
It seems to me that band aids were made to cover the surface, what we are talking about here is much deeper than that. Let’s say you choose a product, and you use it over a period of time without any real results. What do you do then? Run for another product or try another “quick fix” to cover up the symptom? Or will you try to begin another regimen that could in the long run only end up costing you tons of money? Or perhaps you will be one of those who might spend sleepless nights because you can’t seem to solve your symptoms or produce results. In the end, you may experience no difference as a result of this repetitive “quick fix” method. Instead of running out to the store with little or no education, maybe it’s time you stop and try something different. Maybe you can try letting the condition run its course for awhile so you can understand the symptom. Chances are you’ve been messing with the natural oils and the balance of your skin and body for quite some time now. Consider it is time for a change. Try something different.
Alayna A. Fries
Licensed Esthetician
Author, If Your Skin Could Talk, What Would It Say?
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