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Here you are in the health food store, the shelves are full of different brands of vitamins and minerals and you don’t know what to choose. Have you noticed that I always mention liquid herbal supplements? Do you want to know why?
Here’s the reason and that is; I want you and your body to experience, “The Extract Difference”. Extracts are more powerful!
Your body assimilates liquid extracts faster than pills in as little as 1 to 4 minutes. Capsules or tablets (pills) can take from 20 to 30 minutes just to break down, before the body can assimilate them. It takes 20 capsules to equal a daily dose of one and a half teaspoons of our herbal extract.
With Master Formulae there is a marked difference in these products. The difference is primarily in herb concentration, alcohol content and method of preparation. All of our products are manufactured to the best of our ability to the Good Manufacturing practice guidelines set forth & monitored by Health Protection Canada
Extracts; an extract is made when the medicinal properties of the herbs are extracted using water with a special low heat saturation process. Extracts are low in alcohol (6%) and need to be refrigerated after opening.
Glycerine extracts, are alcohol free
Tinctures; (t) Tinctures are made with a cold extraction process using alcohol, vinegar and water. The alcohol content is between 40-60%. Tinctures do not need refrigeration after opening and they have an indefinite shelf life.
Tincture/Extracts are a double extraction. The herb is processed as a tincture, then as an extract and then concentrated. Alcohol content is between 25-30%. Tincture/Extracts do not need refrigeration after opening.
Tonics are an herbal extract with natural fruit juices added, as well as honey or glycerine. The tonics taste great. After opening tonics must be stored in the fridge.
Now that you know the reason for a liquid supplement, you can also be confident in the quality control at Master Formulae. Their products are certified organically grown where possible and guaranteed free of all chemical preservatives. They are manufactured in a certified organic processing facility.
I am thrilled to bring this quality to you. With the use of these quality products and a healthy life style, you too can have a healthy vibrant body.
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